photovoltaicsPtolemeo SA was founded in 2007 and is located in the Industrial Area of Drama at northern Greece. The scope of the company initially was the manufacture of support systems for photovoltaic (PV) plants (namely 1-axis and 2-axis solar trackers as well as fixed tilt support systems) as well as the EPC contracting for PV installations providing full turn-key solutions.

Since 2013, the company has added to its activities the design and construction of greenhouses using hydroponics for growing vegetables linked to cogeneration of heat and power (CHP) plants.

A brief presentation of each of the company activities and products follows:

A) Ptolemeo SA, as a major project developer for solar parks, possesses an expert engineering team and a highly experienced construction team and it undertakes all stages of a PV project, offering complete “turn-key” solutions: From initial planning and design, to equipment supply, implementation and long term management. It has installed more than 20MW of PV power. The types of PV installations cover:

  • Grid-connected PV installations from domestic to industrial scale
  • Off-grid solar-wind and hybrid energy production and storage for remote locations

Ptolemeo is today acknowledged as one of the most qualified and successful project developers in Europe.

We provide full “turn key” solutions to investors worldwide


Why choose us

  • The energy yields of our plants are the highest recorded in each location
  • Our engineering team has a high expertise and training
  • Our technicians have a long experience even in installations with very particular requirements
  • We have established cooperation with all major equipment manufacturers
  • Our solar plants are designed with no compromises regarding the quality of equipment, taking into account the individual challenges of each application. Depending on the available space as well as the specific geographic and climatologic conditions, we provide solutions with fixed-tilt support or solar tracking, selecting different technologies of solar panels or other special equipment
  • We guarantee the highest value for money

B) Ptolemeo is also a leader manufacturer of 1-axis and 2-axis solar trackers as well as fixed tilt support systems for photovoltaic installations i.e.:

  • The 2-axis solar tracker system Ptolemeo PV50/80 is one of the most “intelligent” and robust solar trackers worldwide. The first tracking system to use a specially designed “space frame” (patented OBI 1006740) for the support of the solar panels which gives unequaled robustness and reliability even at extreme weather conditions. Combines electromechanical motion for azimuthal rotation and hydraulic for tilt elevation. It comprises advanced electronic equipment for driving, remote monitoring and control. With PtolemeoPV50/80, a photovoltaic plant can achieve the optimum exploitation of the solar potential. The system increases the energy yield of a PV installation by more than 40%.
  • The 1-axis solar tracker Ptolemeo 1-Axis, with incomparable durability and warranties exceeding the lifespan of the investment. The system increases the energy yield of a PV installation by more than 25%.
  • The fixed tilt metallic support system SUNFORMER-25, with maximum mounting flexibility, efficient design and ease of assembly, suitable for all kind of PV modules.

All products comply with EUROCODE I and II and are certified by TUV Hellas.

C) Ptolemeo designs, constructs and operates greenhouses using hydroponics for growing vegetables which are linked to cogeneration of heat and power (CHP) plants (or trigeneration plants for combined cooling heat and power (CCHP)). CHP and CCHP plants generate simultaneously electricity and useful heating (and cooling) from the combustion of a fuel e.g. natural gas. In such synergy projects, both the resulting thermal energy and the CO2 emerging from the combustion of the gas are put to use in the hydroponic greenhouse. The thermal energy is used to produce optimum micro-climatic conditions for the plants via heating and/or cooling/ventilating the greenhouse and the CO2, instead of being an unwanted waste-gas contributing to global warming, is retrieved and introduced into the greenhouse to fertilize the plants.

Hydroponics is a valuable means for growing fresh vegetables in countries having little arable land and limited water resources such as Kuwait. The water demand in a hydroponic greenhouse culture is only 1/3 of that in a conventional outdoor culture. Also the crops production per square meter may be up to 10 times higher.
Ptolemeo in actually constructing a CHP plant of 1MW electrical power and 1,2MW heating power combined with a hydroponic greenhouse which will use the waste heat of the power plant and the resulting CO2. The electrical power will be fed into the grid. The productive area of the greenhouse is 20.000m2. The expected yearly production of the hydroponic culture will approach 800tn of tomatoes and 90tn of peppers. The production capacity will be 55kg/m2 for the tomatoes and 30kg/m2 for the peppers. The bulk of the production is scheduled for export.